Labour Market Opinions

A Labour Market Opinion is a document produced by Service Canada, also known as Employment and Social Development Canada which confirms whether or not the hiring of a foreign worker will be beneficial to the Canadian economy. A positive Labour Market Opinion will confirm that there is a lack of suitable Canadian applicants for a particular job and that the hiring of foreign workers will be necessary in order to fill that job.

In order for a work permit to be issued to the foreign worker, a copy of the positive Labour Market Opinion must be included with their application. Therefore, a positive LMO is a requirement for most Canadian Work Permits.

Starting May 4th, 2013, ALL Federal Skilled Worker Program applications applying under Arranged Employment MUST include a valid, positive Labour Market Opinion in order to receive 15 points on the selection criteria.

Labour Market Opinions: A Guide for Canadian Workers and Employers – Updated August 2013

Your ThreeSquare Labour Market Opinion Application includes:

1) An initial eligibility assessment – We will analyze your current situation and determine what the most decisive course of action will be.  If you have been previously refused for an LMO, we will assess your previous refusals and prepare an appropriate action plan.

2) Consultation with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant – There are often other impending immigration issues related to the LMO application, whether that be the work permits associated with the file or complications with a refused application, you are entitled to consultation with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant throughout your entire process

3) Review of local recruitment efforts - If you have already conducted advertising and recruitment efforts, we will review what has been completed and advise you on whether or not what you have conducted is sufficient.  If your recruitment efforts are not sufficient, we will assist you in further recruitment efforts to be in full compliance with ESDC guidelines.  We genuinely want the employer, whenever possible, to hire a Canadian workforce.  We begin by assisting you in conducting extensive recruitment and documenting the process.  We engage the use of specialized internet-job posting syndication in which your job ads are posted to over 40+ online job boards.  Furthermore, we ensure that paid advertising in various media takes place: in newspapers, trade journals and paid job boards.  As this process occurs, we assist you in screening resumes and conducting interviews with local candidates.  Following this, thorough interview summaries are prepared which detail and outline your recruitment campaign.

4) Preparation of your LMO application to ESDC - Guaranteed to be 100% error and omission-free, we will complete your application and preface it with a uniquely handcrafted submission letter which will summarize and present your file to the ESDC officer responsible for your case.  Our submission letters pre-emptively address concerns the officer may have regarding potential discrepancies or previous refusals.  We assist you in understanding your business needs and figuring out ways to articulate your immediate staffing problems to ESDC in a clear and effective way.  We help you clearly explain your rationale for hiring foreign workers and how it will help meet your employment needs.  This often takes shape as a multi-page document outlining your business and the difficulties you have been facing trying to hire Canadians.

Secondly, we assist you in creating a detailed and genuine transition plan towards a Canadian workforce. We sit down and help you understand the options available to train Canadian staff over time and how it will be possible to eliminate the dependency on Temporary Foreign Workers.  The transition plans we submit are extensive and are often 2-4 pages in length when completed.  Finally, we take the time to prepare a detailed synopsis of your immediate staffing situation to help the ESDC officer understand the issue at hand.  Faced with critical labour shortages and impending business decisions, we find that our clients find it difficult to understand their situation and effectively communicate it in written format.

5) Communication with ESDC on your behalf - We act as your Authorized Representative for Employment and Social Development Canada and interact directly with the ESDC office responsible for your files.  We handle all e-mails, phone calls and mail delivery associated with your application at our firm’s Canadian office.  If HRSDC needs further information or documentation, we will prepare further submissions on your behalf and advise you on further action needed to be taken.

6) Obtaining your Labour Market Opinion - Once your Labour Market Opinion has been approved, it will be sent to our office and ready to be forwarded to your most convenient address.

NOTE: We DO NOT provide jobs or SELL job offers